Phobophobes – Mono Into Stereo (Modern Sky) 

Release Date: Out Now

For anyone who ever watch the criminally underrated and much missed animated sketch show Monkey Dust, this new release from Phobophobes will be right up your street. ‘Mono Into Stereo’ could be the new theme tune for a long anticipated third series with dark undertones (and overtones, for that matter) running through this stylish number. The low, swaggering vocals are part Nick Cave and part Neil Hannon, the guitars are eccentric, and the rhythm section was brought in from a cruise ship band performing on the river Styx crossing. It is the lavish organ sound that sells this, however, along with the vocal harmonies used as an instrument to give it that Eels-esque sound. This is the second track I’ve had the pleasure (pleasure?) of reviewing from Phobophobes and their world just gets stranger, darker, deeper and more tempting.

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