Mandrake Handshake – Monolith (Nice Swan 

Release Date: Out Now

Superbly monikered Oxford collective Mandrake Handshake bring their new single ‘Monolith’ to the sacrificial alter of pop and I suspect we will be blessed with a bountiful crop this year. The slow and stretching start is like the first beams of sunlight dispelling the darkness from a room full of passed-out party goers from the night before. Shimmering guitar chords, a laid-back groove and sitar notes all add to the Haight Ashbury vibe before the dreamy, hypnotic vocals join in just to complete the vibe. This seven-minute odyssey of a single meanders through a searing guitar solo, gloriously layered vocal harmonies and a crescendo that is the musical equivalent of a mass of writhing, naked bodies lost in the intensity of a lustful orgy. But with tambourines and a saxophone outro.

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