Charlotte Jane – Refuge EP 

Release Date: Out Now

As we emerge tentatively out of the global pandemic, it is artists like Charlotte Jane that give us real hope for the future with superb song writing matched by an eminently listenable voice. Charlotte Jane’s new EP, ‘Refuge’, is the perfect example of her talents with opening track ‘Get It Right’ showing off the pop-soul vocal style over a sparse picked guitar line that feels like Adele but with less self-pity; “I predicted that you’d let me down and did I get it right? Yep”.  

Title track ‘Refuge’ has a woozy melody that off-sets your balance before settling into a rhythm that feels like a Swedish alt-pop anthem but that soulful vocal shines through as always. Recent single ‘Down Days’ sits perfectly at the middle of this collection as an anthem for being OK with not being OK – it’s a real sad banger in waiting. ‘Baby Steps’ has a tender and almost old-fashioned vibe to it that is real a shift in gear and Charlotte Jane’s voice perfectly encapsulates the spirit of innocence and purity behind the song’s theme. The EP closes out on ‘Reassure Me’ which features the guest talents of Jordan Mackampa) and it’s a real love song that focuses on what love means outside of romance and lust. The vocal pairing of Charlotte Jane and Jordan Mackampa is sublime and highlights the excellent song writing behind these tracks. An excellent collection from an up and coming UK talent that we should all be excited about.

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Live Dates:

10th-12th September – TRNSMT

16th-19th September – Isle of Wight Festival