Blood Lemon – Whistleblower 

Release Date: Out Now

Blood Lemon have blessed us with new single ‘Whistleblower’ and it might only be the second single I’ve had the pleasure of hearing from the Idaho trio but they are firmly in the running as one of my favourite new finds of 2021. This track centres around a raw and searing guitar sound which is soothed only by the haunting vocals to create a sound that starts out like Veruca Salt, Belly, Throwing Muses or Breeders but soon spirals off like the Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz into something altogether more unsettling. I haven’t looked if there is a genre attached to Blood Lemon, nor have I tried to pigeon hole them myself but if you like bands that can rock but also aren’t afraid to veer off the beaten path then you’ve come to the right place.

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