Amy Shark – Amy Shark (RCA Records) 

Release Date: Out Now

I have to admit to being oblivious to Amy Shark up until now but it’s obvious that she not only has quite the following but also a huge talent for song writing with an emotive edge. Shark’s new single is called ‘Amy Shark’ which might seem a little self-obsessed but this is in fact an incredibly touching message from Amy Shark now to the Amy Shark starting out on her career. A gentle acoustic melody is augmented by hummed vocal harmonies before Shark’s  soft voice joins in with an arresting opening line; “I grew up in a small house near a cemetery, you could hear them howl as they lowered the ones they loved in to the ground”. The song goes on to chart the life, quirks and times of Amy Shark as she tried, sacrificed and worked towards her dream of making music and sharing that music with the world. This is unvarnished, unpretentious and incredibly honest in a way that you only see from artist like Alanis Morrisette or Imogen Heap which is fine company to be in indeed. You’re doing OK Amy Shark, you’re doing OK.

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