The Stools – Carport EP (Goodbye Boozy Records) 

Release Date: Out Now

When you get an email introducing you to a new young Detroit rock’n’roll trio called the Stools, you are almost duty bound to give it a listen, aren’t you? Well, I felt like I was and it was a duty I was more than happy to fulfil. This new EP, ‘Carport’, kicks off with the first of four sub-two minute punk songs by the name of ‘Life’s Hard Lover’ and its up to you as to whether you keep up or not – this is break-neck stuff in the literal and figurative sense. ‘Hedge Witch’ has the intensity of At the Drive-In with the frantic delivery of Liam Lynch as the guitars and drums duke it out for who can thrash more.

68 seconds is the total length of ‘Multiple Maniacs’ but in that time we pack in fuzzed up riffs, pounding drums and the kind of vocals that make your throat hurt just listening to them. The bass takes a rare front seat on ‘End Up There’ with a track that is part Jet and part MC5 with the kind of vocals you’d expect from Satan doing karaoke at an Elvis convention. The Stools have no fat on them but plenty of attitude and plenty of power which makes them a lean and tantalising treat.

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