Wassailer – Song for Elsa (Empty Street Records)

Release Date: Out Now

London based Wassailer (aka multi-instrumentalist Will Serfass) has broken me with this song. I popped on the video to have a quick look one afternoon and combination of this song and accompanying video was more than I was ready for. ‘Song for Elsa’ has a semi-improvised piano melody that comes rippling out from the corner of an empty bar after closing time accompanied by a low, David Kitt-ish vocal. The physical struggle of the protagonist in the video is matched by the emotional turmoil of the almost defeated Serfass as he sings direct from the heart. I think this is the intimate heartache that Chris Martin is aiming for every time he sits down in front of a piano, but I would pay good many to anyone who gets within a mile of this level of purity and emotion. Absolutely and devastatingly stunning.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/wassailerfm/

Watch the Video: