Pylon Poets – Lucid Hallucinations EP 

Release Date: 18th December 2020

This is a bold and polished new EP from Torquay trio Pylon Poets and it’s a great example of fresh rock talent emerging in the UK. The four track collection opens with ‘Reverie’ which has Muse-esque tones to the anthem filling riffs and major-minor chord changes but there’s also a sense of the Killers to the sing along chorus full of pop hooks and killer melodies. ‘Abandon’ is up next which has sticks out less than its predecessor but still chugs and punches in all the right places and is primed for a night time driving video shoot.

On ‘Breathe’ the band strip it down for the obligatory rock ballad which pulses and broods with dark energy in a way that you might expect from Linkin Park or Shihad in their more gentle moments. The EP finishes with ‘Rise and Call’ which has more of a swagger as the guitars snake around the vocals to create a many headed beast. If you like your rock with a dark energy but still keeping one eye on the melodies and songwriting then Pylon Poets will be right up your street.

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