Fuck me, what a year? I mean, the world has gone batshit crazy hasn’t it? On the plus side LWM cruised past the half a million visitors mark and our only writer (Monger himself) managed to beat the odds and not die from cancer despite having a large number of internal organs removed.

Nevertheless, there are still two unifying aspects of life; firstly, we all want to ram an entire loaf of banana bread down Donald Trump’s throat and, secondly, music has kept us on just the right side of sanity. So, as I do every year, I’m going to play God (a benevolent God, of course) and pick my favourites of the year. However, before I do that, I’ve whittled it down to a list, a short list if you will, of contenders.

Winners will be announced on 20th December 2020

Best Band (UK) 2020 Shortlist

Ferris & Sylvester

Lack of Afro

Ferris & Sylvester

The Hempolics

The Blinders

Erotic Secrets of Pompeii

Tankus The Henge

Previous Winners

2019 Winner – Dinosaur Pile-Up

2018 Winner – Black Futures

2017 Winner - Rews

2016 Winner – Narcs / Berries

2015 Winner - Allusondrugs


Best Band (South West) 2020 Shortlist 

Brother Sea


50 Year Storm

The Viewers

Brother Sea

Brother & Bones



Previous Winners

2019 Winner – Pattern Pusher

2018 Winner – The Velvet Hands

2017 Winner – The Malthusian Trap

2016 Winner – Wildwood Kin

2015 Winner – Lost Dawn / Sound of the Sirens


Best Band (International) 2020 Shortlist 

MFC Chicken


Bee Bee Sea

Larkin Poe

MFC Chicken

Previous Winners

2019 Winner – Fontaines D.C. (Republic of Ireland)

2018 Winner – The Nectars (USA)

2017 Winner – Parekh & Singh (India)

2016 Winner – The Watanabes (Japan)

2015 Winner – Failure Machine (USA)


Best Solo Male (UK) 2020 Shortlist 

Roo Panes

Riaz Ahmad

Samuel Jack

Inder Paul Sandhu

Roo Panes

Jake Bugg


Previous Winners

2019 Winner – Xam Volo

2018 Winner – Joshua Kyeot

2017 Winner – Jamie Lenman

2016 Winner – Jake Morley

2015 Winner – Cosmo Sheldrake


Best Solo Male (South West) 2020 Shortlist 

Jamie Yost

Ollie Dixon

Jamie Yost

Paul Armer

Daniel Steer

Adam Sweet


Previous Winners

2019 Winner – Samantics

2018 Winner – Matthew Gordon Price

2017 Winner – Gozer Goodspeed/Martyn Crocker


Best Solo Male (International) 2020 Shortlist 

Tafari Anthony

Ben Harper




Jacknife Lee

Tafari Anthony


Previous Winners

2019 Winner – Duckwrth (USA)

2018 Winner – Simon Lynge (Greenland)

2017 Winner – Noah Gundersen (USA)


Best Solo Female (UK) 2020 Shortlist 


Sophie Morgan


Tina Boonstra

Tally Spear

Madam So



Previous Winners

2019 Winner – Lauran Hibberd

2018 Winner – Pip Hall

2017 Winner – Poppy Ackroyd

2016 Winner – Joanna Cooke / Lulu James

2015 Winner – Malka


Best Solo Female (South West) 2020 Shortlist 

Bailey Tomkinson

Sadie Horler

Luce Aggett

Bailey Tomkinson

Maisy Grace



Previous Winners

2019 Winner – Rise

2018 Winner – Joanna Cooke

2017 Winner – Rosie the Crow


Best Solo Female (International) 2020 Shortlist 

Jaguar Jonze

Madison Beer

Nana Adjoa

Sarah Klang


Jaguar Jonze

Asthmatic Harp


Previous Winners

2019 Winner – Tami Neilson (Canada/Australia)/Mavis Staples (USA)

2018 Winner – Grace Inspace (USA)

2017 Winner – Deqn Sue (USA)


Best Single 2020 Shortlist 


Samuel Jack ‘Gonna Be Alright’

Brother Sea ‘September’

Phantom Isle ‘MAR V’

Jones ‘Giving It Up’

Sami Nathan ‘Beautiful Outside’

Creeping Jean ‘Stuck In My Ear’

Tina Boonstra ‘Out of my Depth’

The Clockworks 'Enough is Never Enough'

Jake Bugg ‘All I Need’

Burning Pools ‘Woman’


Previous Winners

2019 Winner – Ferris & Sylvester ‘I Dare You’ / Bicuruious ‘I Don’t Do Drugs, I Just Sweat A Lot’

2018 Winner – X Ambassadors ‘Joyful’

2017 Winner – She Makes War ‘I Want My Country Back’ / Moses ‘King Size’

2016 Winner – Mowbeck ‘Vaseline’ / Childcare ‘Cinema Club’

2015 Winner – Azu Yeche ‘Lagos’


Best EP 2020 Shortlist 

Those Fucking Snowflakes

Riaz Ahmad 'All At Sea'

Ferris & Sylvester ‘I Should Be On A Train’

Tina Boonstra 'City of Doubt'

Elkyn ‘Beech’

Those Fucking Snowflakes ‘Straight Wealthy White Male Suffrage’

Asthmatic Harp ‘Things We Learned to Live With’

Inder Paul Sandhu ‘The Colindale Tape’


Previous Winners

2019 Winner – Sick Joy ‘Them Days EP’

2018 Winner – Jones ‘New York EP’

2017 Winner – Mux ‘Can You See Who? EP’

2016 Winner – Joanna Cooke ‘Wound Up EP’ / Bare Hunter ‘Dry Rot EP’

2015 Winner – Alex Gregory ‘Critical Perfection EP’ 


Best Album 2020 Shortlist 

The Allergies

Haunt the Woods ‘Opaque’

Moriaty 'The Die Is Cast'

Lack of Afro ‘I’m Here Now’

Nana Adjoa 'Big Dreaming Ants'

The Allergies ‘Say the Word’

Larkin Poe ‘Self Made Man’

MFC Chicken ‘Fast Food & Broken Hearts’

Tankus the Henge ‘Luna Park’


Previous Winners

2019 Winner – William the Conqueror ‘Bleeding on the Soundtrack’ / X Ambassadors ‘Orion’

2018 Winner – The Nectars ‘Sci-Fi Television’ / Henge ‘Attention! Earth’

2017 Winner – Noah Gundersen ‘White Noise’ / Rews ‘Pyro’

2016 Winner – Narcs ‘A Thinking Animal’ / Jake Morley ‘The Manual

2015 Winner – Lost Dawn / Malka


Best Video 2020 Shortlist 

Todrick Hall

Percy ‘Will of the People’

Todrick Hall ‘Mask, Gloves, Soap, Scrubs’

Spang Sisters 'Eddie Murphy'

Sunny Bones ‘Be Cool’

The Clockworks ‘Enough Is Never Enough’

Kacy & Clayton and Marlon Williams ‘Your Mind’s Walking Out’


Previous Winners

2019 Winner – Penguin Café ‘Chapter’

2018 Winner – Calva Louise ‘Tug of War’ / LibraLibra ‘Tongues’

2017 Winner – Vei ‘Rolling on You Romeo’

2016 Winner – Michelle O Faith ‘Lemonade’

2015 Winner – Husky ‘I’m Not Coming Back’


Best Debut 2020 Shortlist 


Nana Adjoa



Dew Barf



Previous Winners

2019 Winner – Gazel ‘Gazel’s Book of Souls’

2018 Winner – Georgia Fearn ‘Perfect on Paper’

2017 Winner – Black Futures ‘Karma, Ya Dig?’

2016 Winner – Berries ‘Siren’

2015 Winner – Vanessa Forero ‘Heaven Knows’


Best Year 2020 Shortlist 




Tina Boonstra


Nana Adjoa

Lack of Afro


Previous Winners

2019 Winner – Deux Furiesues

2018 Winner - Idles

2017 Winner - Cassels

2016 Winner – Wildwood Kin

2015 Winner – Sound of the Sirens


Best Band Name 2020 Shortlist 

Gaffa Tape Sandy

Gaffa Tape Sandy

Catholic Action

Bony Macaroni

Death by Unga Bunga

Dew Barf



Previous Winners

2019 Winner – Those Fucking Snowflakes

2018 Winner – Have You Ever Seen the Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS?

2017 Winner – Playboy Manbaby

2016 Winner – Yes Babez! / Taco Hell / Queen of Jeans

2015 Winner – Get Inuit / Rangleklods


Best PR 2020 Shortlist 

Sonic PR

Wall of Sound PR

Big Mouth Publicity


Supercat PR


Previous Winners

2019 Winner – Prescription PR

2018 Winner – Fine Company

2017 Winner – Cannonball PR

2016 Winner – Wilful Publicity

2015 Winner – Hannah Gould Music PR


Best Label 2020 Shortlist 

Sony Music

Xtra Mile Recordings

Creation 23

Modern Sky



Previous Winners

2019 Winners – Say Something Records

2018 Winner – Integrity Records

2017 Winner – Cooking Vinyl

2016 Winner – Superfan 99

2015 Winner – Clue Records


Best Live Show 2020 Winner 

Wille Edwards + Andy Quick, Downderry Village Hall

2019 Winner – Shihad @ the Thekla, Bristol

2018 Winner – Looe Saves the Day Festival, Looe

2017 Winner – Wildwood Kin @ The Brook Inn, Plymouth

2016 Winner – Blogtober 2016 feat. Berries / Pattern Pusher / Seaker / Jamie Yost / Rosa Belle

2015 Winner – Tankus the Henge @ Looe Music Festival