The Damn Straights – The World’s On Fire (Let It Burn) (The Bastion Music Group) 

Release Date: Out Now

Now then, this is a debut release from the Damn Straights which is a collaborative project made up of Exeter based producer Adam Gibbons (aka Lack of Afro) and excellently named rapper Herbal T. If you’re not already intrigued then I’ll add some special sauce in the shape of the song’s title ‘The World’s On Fire (Let It Burn)’. That hooked you in? Thought it might. The track itself is a dirty, dark, lurching slice of rock infused funk with Herbal T’s steady flow unfurling atop the fuzzed up bassline and clicking beat. When the chorus drops there is a sense of ominousness and inevitability as the dynamic duo list all the ways that modern life has suckered in to thinking everything is shiny and new just get hold of our data and thoughts. The line “I’ll take the bliss with the ignorance” hits hard but then so does that rhythm section so…….damnit, they’ve duped me too.

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