Tankus the Henge – God, Oil, Money 

Release Date: Out Now

We’ve all missed festivals in 2020 but nobody has missed them and been missed at them more than Tankus the Henge, the band that take their energy from live performance. Fortunately, they haven’t been idle and have recorded a new album with new single ‘God, Oil, Money’ being the first shots fired from said LP. The band’s trademark swagger is in evidence from the get-go with the guitars and horns vying for your attention before Jaz Delorean’s gravelly vocal joins in like the bastard child of Chas and Dave. There’s a Beatles-esque tone to the melodies and Lennon would be particularly proud of the way the band hold a mirror up to society. This is Tankus the Henge at their absolute best with big circus sounds and rock’n’roll chops blending seamlessly with a powerful message and energy to spare. Bring on the album, gents, bring it right on.

Oh, and 50% of proceeds are going to the Flying Seagull Project which provides circus performances for children in refugee camps around Europe so there really is no reason to not get this one.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/tankusthehenge