Kaminá – Mem’ries 

Release Date: Out Now

I am always looking for new, unique or just unusual sounds to bring you via this humble blog and Kaminá may well represent the best of all of those worlds. ‘Mem’ries’ is the debut release from the duo made up of Colombian harpist Natalia Castrillón and Danish singer/pianist Kamilla Haugaard and it is the kind of music that genuinely stops you in your tracks. Soft, icy vocals delicately get things going with warm harp notes filling in the gaps before the tempo picks up and we are whisked away on a fantastical journey over fields and tree tops at the break of day. Icicles gently drop from branches as Haugaard sings of change in her life taking her away from all that she has ever known with only memories to keep her company. Simply stunning.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/kaminamusic