Danny Elfman – Happy 

Release Date: Out Now

This feels a little bit like reviewing royalty if I’m honest. I mean, Danny Elfman is the genius who scored the music for some of the best films of all time, including (but in no way restricted to) Batman, the Nightmare Before Christmas, some of the Avengers films and the Simpsons. Nevertheless, Elfman grew up with Kim Gordon and was in a band called the Mystic Knights and Oingo Boingo so there is a back story here that goes way, way back. Elfman’s latest release is ‘Happy’ and I should warn you that it’s nothing to do with and nothing like the Pharrell Williams joint of the same name. No, this is like an outtake from soundtrack that Tim Burton decided was too freaky for his version of the Care Bears story. Sinister, bouncing melodies and Elfman’s dark impish voice make this a nightmarish experience until you see the accompanying video and then, quite frankly, you will want to lock whatever device you are watching it on in the freezer before setting fire to your house. Dark, menacing genius.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/dannyelfman

Watch the Video: