Crazy Arm – Brave Starts Here (Xtra Mile

Release Date: Out Now

Plymouth’s Crazy Arms have never been a closed-door kind of group but now, more than ever, the world needs their welcoming arms and spirit of togetherness in the face of the evils of this world. Ahead of a hotly anticipated new album, there is new single ‘Brave Starts Here’ to contend with and is the perfect reintroduction to a band made to rile against injustice at every turn. With a bash of cymbal and flurry of guitars we are on our way at 100mph with tight vocal harmonies and furious riffing clearing out the cobwebs. Darren Johns’ trademark Country’n’Westcountry gravelly vocal is still front and centre but the massed ranks behind him have audibly grown with real impact and panache. Welcome back Crazy Arm, we’ve missed you.

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