carolesdaughter – Violent (Arista Records/Sony

Release Date: Out Now

Growing up as the youngest of 10 kids in a strict Mormon family can go one of two ways and, fortunately for us, San Diego singer-songwriter carolesdaughter went down the rebellion route….and then some. ‘Violent’ starts with a lonely and forlorn guitar melody that sounds like a long-lost Cobain demo before a more contemporary beat joins in and you realise this is absolutely a sad-banger with emo-pop roots. The blend of Robyn and Angie in terms of vibe makes this immediate in terms of hook but juxtapose that with the goth imagery in the video and the passive aggressive deadpan delivery of the lyric “don’t make me get violent” switches this whole thing on its head. Definitely an artist to watch out for, whatever her mum Carole might think.

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