Where the Guardrail Ends – Holding Hands,
Wearing Gloves

Release Date: Out Now

This is one of the more mysterious submissions I’ve had recently, and I do love a mysterious submission. Where the Guardrail Ends is a collaborative duo made up of harpist Emily Hopkins and an ‘unnamed’ singer/lyricist which makes me think it is somebody well known who wants the music to speak for itself so we need to respect that because the music has a lot to say. The duo’s new single, ‘Holding Hands, Wearing Gloves’, does things with a harp that almost make the instrument unrecognisable while the ‘unnamed’ vocalist drifts moody and atmospheric words over the top like mist rolling in over the hills. This is truly original and engaging music and, after all, isn’t that we’re all here for?

More information: https://wheretheguardrailends.bandcamp.com/releases

Watch the Video: