Tokky Horror – Simulate Me (Alcopop! Records) 

Release Date: Out Now

I have really enjoyed the emergence of Tokky Horror in 2020 and their new single, ‘Simulate Me’, does nothing to taint that joy. This trac is a mash up of 90s rave, vocals akin to London duo Cherryade and the dark undertones of Black Futures or Trent Reznor. The frenetic nature and unpredictable changes in direction give you the sensation that you are moving through the levels of a computer game, triggering different audio sensations as you encounter different challenges. Alternatively, it is the best hold music to get folks raving their tits off while they’re waiting to find out if they can take a mortgage repayment holiday because they’ve been made redundant due to Covid closures. Either way, it’s a bop.

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