Tiger Empress – Imposter Syndrome 

Release Date: Out Now

You can’t beat a raw trio of indie-rockers jamming out together and the brilliantly named Cornish three-piece Tiger Empress will be even harder to beat. Based on latest release ‘Imposter Syndrome’, I can imagine a lot of comparisons being drawn to the likes of Hole and L7 but there is a very definite British edge here which brings to mind the likes of Helen Love, the Lovely Eggs and Lush. The guitars are choppy, the rhythm section thrashes and the vocals rasp but, most importantly, the song meanders pleasingly, eschewing the more direct route of many of their peers. For this, I’d like to offer a very complimentary comparison to the much missed PJP Band and, for that reason alone, I am sold on Tiger Empress.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/tigerempressband

Watch the Video: