Jamie Yost – Tremors 

Release Date: 30th October 2020

Rejoice, one and all, for Westcountry troubadour Jamie Yost is back and he has written a song about Kevin Bacon classic ‘Tremors’, a film I watched at three consecutive birthday parties in the early 90s. Fortunately, this song is far less terrifying than the film it shares a name with as Yost’s superbly soulful vocal and gentle acoustic strum instantly soothes while the rhythm section and piano embellishments make the song swell to epic proportions. The most genuinely stunning thing about this song is that it is coming from an artist making their own way with no label or studio backing, just riding high on talent, drive and hard work. If this song doesn’t get Yost some more national (or international) attention, then there is something wrong with the world and that includes you. This is Jamie Yost’s best work yet but there are still greater heights for him to reach.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/jamieyostmusic