Ferris & Sylvester – I Should Be On A Train EP 

Release Date: Out Now

Few artists have used 2020 better and more instinctively than the dynamic duo of Ferris & Sylvester and the results of this time well spent is their new five track EP ‘I Should Be On a Train’. The collection opens with the title track and those woozy, intimate vocals softly wafting out atop some lazily plucked guitar notes before the song grows and smoulders into an unstoppable blues-soul slow stomp. ‘Knock You Down’ starts with a 60s inspired melody that feels more like the summer of love than the year of the pandemic, but this isn’t stale or rehashed, no, this feels fresh and essential.

‘Everyone is Home’ is the most overtly Covid themed song and, I suspect, will transport people back to those halcyon days of waking up to Joe Wicks and clapping for the NHS when they hear it but for me it’s a comfort blanket of a song that speaks of empathy and understanding. And it’s a beautiful one at that. On ‘Good Man’, Ferris & Sylvester embrace their burgeoning penchant for psyche-rock which finds the duo building from a distant rumble to an almighty roar with rock’n’roll swagger and bluesy roots. The experience is rounded off with a genuinely beautiful version of the Beatles classic ‘With A Little Help From My Friends’ which not only shows off both voices wonderfully but is primed for an end of year ‘we made it’ montage when the BBC shuts down for 2020. Like I said, this is the way to laugh in the face of a pandemic and do it with style so let’s all try to be a little more Ferris & Sylvester, shall we?

More information: https://www.facebook.com/FerrisandSylvester