Drew Thomas – Early Hours EP 

Release Date: Out Now

Drew Thomas has done what so many young singer-songwriters do and upped sticks from home (Nottingham in this case) and headed down to London in search of musical success and notoriety. This new EP, ‘Early Hours’, suggests Thomas was justified in that decision so I invite you to discover a new male talent on the UK scene.

The EP begins with ‘Lying on the Concrete’, a song which exists in the momentary silence after a piece of life changing news as Thomas’ voice cries out with authenticity and pop style and the melodies swell with all the scale of a Bastille chart topper. On ‘Running Reds’, Drew Thomas has a more subdued vibe initially as the pop power carries the impassioned vocal delivery to an uplifting crescendo of a chorus that both soothes and encourages. ‘Somebody You Needed’ is the penultimate track on this EP and probably my favourite with a woozy backstreet beat under the lyric “the songs all sound the same, the notes just rearranged”. The song swells so gently it’s like a bath warming up around your body until you are completely enveloped by it and it warms your aching bones in such a welcome way. The EP closes out on ‘High (On Our Own)’ which shows Thomas’s soft vocal tones off perfectly but the energy kick-up is Feeder-esque and the production is superb. Keep at it Drew, I think you might just be on to something.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/drewthomasuk