Theo B – Dark Days EP 

Release Date: Out Now

One of the most consistent pleasures of writing this blog is receiving new music from artists without the surrounding PR pomp or cynicism of those knee deep in the industry. Oxford singer-songwriter Theo B is one such artist and his three track EP ‘Dark Days’ is genuinely something worth spending some of your time on. Opening with title track ‘Dark Days’, Theo B sets about creating one man sound scapes that have a vibe not dissimilar to Radiohead or the much missed Canvey Island as the throbbing synths and scattered beats build with insistence and perseverance. ‘Tandem’ follows on next with a an atmospheric shimmer, beats that the XX would be proud of and the kind of vocals that will haunt you gently in your dreams the way regret and lost love does in the darkest hours. I adore the 80s sounding keyboards on closing track ‘How Long’ which sound both cheap and luxurious in equal measure while the understated vocals make this a heart felt lament as well as a lively little bop. Theo B has a range of artistry and nuance that is rare in any artist, especially one at such an early stage of their career so I’m going to be paying close attention to this one.

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