Novatines – Honey (SaySomething Records)

Release Date: 30th September 2020

Bath rockers Novatines might look like they’ve turned up to a first date dressed as a bunch of bananas but don’t take them lightly. On the basis of the band’s new single, ‘Honey’, they mean business, so you’d better be ready for them. This track gets underway with a Dave Grohl-esque riff before building up to the kind of explosion that will audiences taking their shirts off and going crazy when they’re allowed to again. There’s such a wonderful mix of rock’n’roll influences in here from the Beatles and the Kinks through to the Foo Fighters, Royal Blood and early Kings of Leon. Without even hitting the two and a half minute mark, we are treat to solos, breakdowns and a whole lot of energy all drenched in feedback so if that sounds like your bag then I would heartily recommend getting involved.

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