Yana Bing – With You 

Release Date: Out Now

It surprises me that this is the debut release from Cornish singer-songwriter Yana Bing considering how many times I’ve heard her name mentioned recently but at least we finally have a release to get our teeth in to. ‘With You’ opens with a simple pulse beat and sombre piano melody but Bing’s vocal gives the listener hope that things will come out fighting. This is slick, accomplished and bursting with soul which is no easy achievement on any release especially a debut release but it’s the range and power of Bing’s voice that really impresses here. If you told me this was the new release from the likes of Kelly Clarkson or Ellie Goulding then I wouldn’t be surprised but you can tell this voice has it’s own unique sound so that has to stand Yana Bing in good stead for the future. More please.

Watch the Video: