The Lotts – We Are The Lotts EP (Whispering

Release Date: Out Now

I don’t get a lot of music submissions from Warrington but I’m glad that this bunch have got in touch with their debut EP, ‘We Are The Lotts’. Starting with the EP title track, the four piece get straight down to business with a driving beat and scratchy, raw guitars that put you in mind of the Libertines, the Undertones and the Velvet Hands. The energy doesn’t let up with ‘I Don’t’ but there’s a slightly more retro feel as the blues structured garage-punk is more akin to the Stooges or the Buzzcocks. ‘Dumb’ is the pivotal middle track on this collection and you can almost hear the guitar amps deteriorating through the fuzzy, distorted guitar sounds, egged on by the classically sneering, snotty punk vocals.

‘Preacher Man’ is a blistering slice of punk-rock with razor sharp guitars and Ramones-esque vocals that sounds as though their coming from a different room in the club. The EP closes out on the comparatively epic four minute tune ‘Mouth’ which is more of a slow burner that builds to a chaotic and cacophonous crescendo with a hint of the 80s Matchbox B-Line Disaster about it. The Lotts have everything you want in a new band; energy, passion, ambition and a few good tunes that show a lot of promise and give you just enough to hope for more in the future.