Los Retros – Everlasting EP (Stones Throw

Release Date: Out Now

Los Retros is the musical vehicle of Californian musician Mauri Tapia and this five track EP, ‘Everlasting’, showcases the sound of the first generation Mexican-American exploring both his inner and outer self. Opening track ‘Cry of the Humble’ starts with a jaunty piano track overlaid with some synth melodies and the kind of laid back beat that makes this sound like 60s mellow psyche meanderings. It’s a blissful listen and Tapia’s voice matches the mood perfectly as he croons in to a pencil-mic over the top of a white grand piano. ‘Sweet Honey’ continues with the lounge vibe and an impressively smooth rhythm section punctuated by some gorgeous little synth stabs and that super cool vocal tone.

The synth skills get to the next level on ‘The Messiah’ and we’re transported to the montage scene of a cop film where the main protagonist cruises the streets talking to his sources and hitting dead end after dead end. ‘New Humanity’ is woozy, sensuous and entirely voluptuous with curves in all the right places and speaks of velvet bed sheets and low lighting in the early hours of the morning. The EP closes out on ‘Fruitful’ and the reputation for king of the old-skool synth sounds and lounge vibes is sealed as Los Retros brings it on home with style. What is so unique about Los Retros is his ability to take an old sound and make it sound utterly fresh and contemporary. Keep on keeping on.