Dimorphodons – Searching for Dimorphodons
(Hand of Glory)

Release Date: Out Now

I thought I’d try out my new headphones on the debut single from multi-instrumentalist producer and songwriter Dimorphodons and, well, it nearly made my head explode…in the best way possible. The wall of psychedelic noise that is ‘Searching for Dimorphodons’ is a level beyond intense with galloping drums, a squall of guitars and the kind of organ playing that only comes from ingesting large quantities of organic hallucinogens. Then come the vocals which are somewhere between the Polyphonic Spree, Charles Manson and the side project that George Harrison and John Lennon never shared with the rest of us. I suspect no two performances of this track are the same and that is one of the many things that makes it utterly glorious and more than a little transcendental.

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