Sami Nathan – Beautiful Outside 

Release Date: Out Now

This track instantly sets itself aside from the majority of solo artist tracks I receive because of the sheer size of it. London based Sami Nathan has taken a Phil Spector approach to the arrangement on this new release as ‘Beautiful Outside’ moves from a simple melody to swell with everything from castanets to rich backing vocals in to something truly epic. Nathan’s voice is undeniably modern in the Amy Winehouse and Joss Stone vein but the music would fit very comfortably behind the likes of Dusty Springfield, a young Tina Turner or the Supremes and that sense of size, ambition and emotion is truly welcome right now. Throw open the curtains, unlock the windows and put this one on full volume – your neighbours will thank you as long as they’re not working funny shifts and you’ve woken them up, in which case I take no responsibility.

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