Roo Panes – Pacific EP (CRC Records) 

Release Date: 22nd May 2020

I’m still relatively new to the world of Roo Panes but, after his recent single floored me, I had to come back for more with the release of this new collection. The ‘Pacific’ EP opens with ‘Listen to the One Who Loves You’, a song which sleepily emerges from hibernation with Panes’ intimate vocals gentle rousing you until the song emerges, butterfly like, from its cocoon. It’s the kind of start most musicians don’t dare to venture on an album let alone an EP but the time and care taken to let this opening track fully unfurl is a luxury we should all be entitled to once in a while.

Title track ‘Pacific’ is up next with gentle, rippling guitar notes and a vocal that has a touch of the young Chris Martin about it, soothed and smoothed by a forlorn cello thrum. Like a good meal, this is delicately flavoured with simple ingredients and leaves a delicious after taste. ‘Colour in Your Heart’ is a more direct affair with a pulsing beat and the low hum of keyboards building slowly but surely in to a triumphant, hopeful and hugely optimistic demi-crescendo. The aforementioned single ‘The Sun Will Rise Over the Year’ is like meeting up with an old friend after a long time apart, embracing, smiling and picking up where you left off without missing a heartbeat. It still reduces me to tears because of its natural and honest beauty – it might just be the song you need right now.

The EP closes out with ‘There’s a Place’ which has a more folky rattle to it as the build happens and we’re pitched somewhere between Ferris & Sylvester, Harbottle & Jonas and Brother & Bones but without an ampersand in sight. Roo Panes is a criminally handsome man, an exquisitely patient songwriter and tells stories worth hearing so don’t leave it too late to get involved in his music, OK? OK.