Transformer – Transections EP (835535
Transformer - Transections

Release Date: Out Now

Brighton outfit Transformer are, mercifully, back in our ears with their new ‘Transections’ EP and we’re all better off for that fact. If you are yet to have the pleasure of discovering Transformer then you are in for a treat of funky electro proportions. The EP opens with, hilariously, a track called ‘Interlude which gets going with a strutting, confident beat and processed melodies before the soulful vocal of Roxy Sections joins in to turn this into a sultry Sneaker Pimps-esque jam. ‘On the Table’ has a trademark squelchy Transformer synth sound but a vibe that is more Major Lazer meets Rudimental wrapped up in that classic Brighton club feel.

The great thing about Transformer is that they ease from one track to another without breaking stride or shifting the mood unnecessarily, as exemplified by ‘The One’. This is a smooth alt-disco track that would work alongside Patawawa or Pharrell Williams in terms of the cool late night vibes and almost demands that you go for a late night drive along neon lit streets but that’s less feasible during a lock down isn’t it? The EP climaxes on ‘Chainsaw’ which has a dubby underbelly to mix in with those undeniably superb and soulful vocals making for the perfect ending. This one might just be the slow burner EP you need for those late summer nights when we can sit out under the sunset on Brighton Beach.

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