The Viewers – Unstoppable 

Release Date: Out Now

There is a time and a place for nostalgia and during a global lockdown is certainly a good place to start but I would warn against placing Cornish Mods the Viewers in the category of nostalgia alone. Sure, the five-piece wear their influences on their Parka sleeves but there is an undeniable and invigorating freshness to this new album which is absolutely intoxicating. Opening with recent single ‘1234567’, the album gets off to a flying start and if it doesn’t make you want to jump on your scooter and head off down the A roads for Brighton beach then you’ve been enjoying quarantine too much. ‘Hip Shake’ is more Mersey Beat in vibe with tight guitars and the kind of rhythm that makes you want to shake every joint in your body, not just your hips.

On ‘You’re the Loser’ you get a feeling that the Zutons have dug out a long forgotten Monkees record for a cheeky cover while ‘Colours of Her Hair (Ali’s Song)’ makes you long for 60s inspired summers on the road to Haight-Ashbury in a beaten up camper van. The musicianship on this album is as tight as on any other LP I’ve heard in recent years and ‘I Feel So Alive’ is no exception with a punchy rhythm section doing battle with the choppy guitars. ‘Beautiful’ has a wistful vibe to the verse by the chorus is more uplifting and direct, perfect for shaking the crowd up at a festival a la Redd Kross - once lockdown is over of course.

The album’s title track, ‘Unstoppable’, is also the stand-out song with a brooding bass line and wild-west guitars giving way to a tribal chorus that makes for a great driving song. ‘5 Weeks’ is the indie summer anthem you didn’t know you were missing from your collection as slathered organs and jangling tambourine help bridge the gap between the 60s and 90s with consummate ease. There’s a more American vibe to ‘Search for Pearls’ which puts me in mind of Black Crowes but with Joe Cocker on vocals as the swooning guitars sweep across wide, expansive landscapes. Closing out on ‘She Says Yeah’, the Viewers pitch their parting shot somewhere between the Kinks, the Beatles and Jake Bugg which is no bad place to be in my book and certainly has you reaching to put the needle back at the start. If, like many, you’re looking for comfort in the familiar but also want something new to invigorate your senses then these ten tracks are tailor made for you….on Canarby Street. Enjoy.

Live Dates:

15th August – The Old Ale House, Truro
7th November – The Harbourside, Charlestown