The Assist – Life 
The Assist - Life

Release Date: Out Now

It’s impossible to ignore or deny the courage and hard work of the NHS at the moment so it’s great to see Midland’s indie outfit the Assist doing their bit to raise money for those working so bravely on the frontline to keep us all safe. ‘Life’ is the release fronting the campaign to raise money that should have been duly given by the Tory government over the past decade and it is an anthem in waiting. “We’re waiting 80% of our life which leaves us precious little time to do all the things we like, money can’t buy time but it’s essential for this mountain we climb” they sing over some chillingly sinister atmospherics. There’s the swagger and banter of Reverend and the Makers, the spit and anger of Narcs, and the abruptness of Cassels blended with the confidence of Kasabian. The drums roll like a military band and the energy builds like tension before erupting into the kind of song that makes you want to do something, anything positive. Perfect music to shake you out of your lockdown malaise and get you up and at ‘em for another day closer to reality.

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