Roo Panes – The Sun Will Rise Over the Year 

Release Date: Out Now

I think we can all agree that we’re in a bit of a weird place right now, globally speaking, so it’s no great surprise to hear that reflected in the music coming through to me right now. One of the best songs on this theme so far comes from Dorset based singer/songwriter Roo Panes and I’m not even sure it was written for these times. ‘The Sun Will Rise Over the Year’ emerges with a gentle, unassuming guitar melody before Panes’ intimate vocal joins in and you can feel the build start. “You’ll be alright, you’ll wake up on the other side, the sun will rise and maybe you will be surprised” Panes sings as a simple, stomping beat gives the melody power and then there’s an explosion of energy, optimism and hope. The sound of hope is captured within this song and it sounds glorious. It might be just what you need right now.

Watch the Video: