R. D. Thomas – Headlines EP 
R.D. Thomas - Headlines EP

Release Date: Out Now

Having fronted the excellent Brother & Bones as well as touring with Ben Howard, it’s time for Richard Thomas to step out into his own spotlight for a bit (don’t worry, Brother & Bones are coming back real soon). Under the title R.D. Thomas, this new ‘Headlines’ EP comes out as a small collection of songs that don’t quite fit the model of other projects and so they deserve their own space in the world. Title track ‘Headlines’ exists in the same space as that sombre regret you have when you blow out the last candle and realise that you’ve polished off an entire bottle of whiskey while you were thinking things over. Thomas’ vocals are both powerful and reserved with a vibe that is pitched somewhere between Cornish sea shanties and the intimate futurism of the likes of the XX.

‘The Way Down’ is a more recognisable Thomas track with soft, rippling acoustic notes coupled with that husky vocal that you can’t help but fall in love with. This is a warm and well warn jumper on a cold and misty day, this is a warm mug of tea held in cold hands, this is a comforting arm around the shoulders of a stressed out and world weary loved one. The final track of this beautiful collection is ‘Hope the Medicine Holds its Fire’ which has a raw, unfettered feel that finds Thomas’ voice mirroring the lilting, folky guitar melody with delicate force. This is the kind of EP that could pass you by, such is it’s gentle and unassuming nature, but your life will be better for having this in it so make some space for this one if you can.