Incubus – Trust Fall (Side B) 

Release Date: Out Now

This EP is essentially the flipside of 2014’s ‘Trust Fall (Side A)’ and it shows Incubus stepping away from the traditional full album model in favour of more focused collections of work. This particular collection opens with one of the band’s strongest tracks in recent years, ‘Karma, Come Back’, which kicks hard with a funky guitar riff and beat combo as well as Brandon Boyd’s trademark impassioned vocal imploring us “what the fuck, for a buck, who killed the world?”. Recent single ‘Our Love’ is just as strong within this group of songs with a rolling beat setting the stall out for some strong melodic work to play out.

On ‘Into The Summer’, the band go back to their raw and funky roots with a guitar sound that is straight out of the 80s and Boyd in full crooning mood, dripping in nostalgia and no regrets. ‘On Without Me’, by contrast, is much more in keeping with Incubus’ more recent work with sparse guitar notes punctuating the otherwise smooth melodies. The collection closes out on ‘Paper Cuts’, a tune framed around a simple set of piano chords and Boyd’s heartbroken vocal calling across the ages. I’ve always felt that Incubus are the kind of secret that not everyone gets but once you understand it then you are rewarded ten fold so if you haven’t got your head around them yet then now is the time and here is the place.