Luce Aggett – Sixteen 
Luce Aggett - Sixteen

Release Date: Out Now

There is such a beautiful and simple sense of purity to this new single from Luce Aggett who splits her time between Devon and London that it’s hard not to get swept up in the wistful nature of the lyrics. ‘Sixteen’ is, put simply, a reminiscence of being 16 from the advanced years of being 22 and how life has already become that much more complicated which is an emotion I can remember well. Aggett’s voice is both softly confessional and perfectly poised as the initial piano melody swells with a nudging beat and guitar notes that give this a real sense of optimism for the future and peace with the past. “16 was such a simple age to be”, sings Aggett and she’s right but do not, for the love of God, try suggesting that to a 16-year-old. For everyone’s sake.