Remington Super 60 – New EP (Café Superstar
Remington Super 60 - New EP

Release Date: Out Now

Norwegian outfit Remington Super 60 have been running since the late 90s but this is my first encounter with them and I feel like I might need to make up for lost time. The superbly named group ran out of creative juices when naming their new EP the ‘New’ EP but that’s no biggie when the music is this good. Opening track ‘The Highway Again’ has a delightfully lo-fi sound that feels as though it should have been created in Wales during Britpop and the wonky melody is like an ice cream van driven by Howard Marks.

‘I Don’t Wanna Wait’ has a slightly more lounge vibe with the soft, sultry vocals of Elisabeth T wafting in on a Mediterranean breeze as the sun dips behind the horizon. Similarly, there’s a retro chill essence to ‘Fake Crush’ that will email to fans of Air, Dubstar, Tennis and St Etienne as these three Norwegian’s make a great effort of sounding stylishly French. The lo-fi processed beat on ‘Tropical Drone Pop’ is met by some altogether more exotic instrumentation that sounds like a disco in the jungle while ‘Dreaming of Summer’ takes a long, slow walk through said jungle to listen to the songs of nature for no reason other than curiosity.

The final track on the EP is ‘Dina Hender’, a song which perfectly sums this EP in that it is formed from earthly instruments, invented by man, but the music itself is not of this world and that is something we should all be thankful for. Remington Super 60 are an impish, unassuming and wondrous thing and I definitely need to make up for lost time…..and so do you.