Inder Paul Sandhu – The Colindale Tape 

Release Date: Out Now

Oh wow, what have we here? Inder Paul Sandhu has quite the voice. This new EP, ‘The Colindale Tape’, opens with ‘Letter to Self’ and it sounds like a lost Marvin Gaye jam singing late at night when the cracks are appearing at the edges but there’s no stopping that soul oozing out. ‘Unstoppable’ is up next and the energy picks up with Inder Paul Sandhu stepping into a more Lenny Kravitz shaped space with dirty, fuzzed up guitars laying the bed for his voice to do it’s rasping thing all over.

‘Cold’ brings the mood back down to another late night jam as gently, soulful guitars play out like the wrinkles in silk sheets meeting that incredible voice somewhere half way across the bed… There’s a dramatic melody that introduces ‘Selfish’ before the semi-spoken vocals join in to clenched eyes and a broken heart pouring out with every note. The EP closes out with ‘Trash Can Love’ which is not an ode to Oscar the Grouch but more a reggae inspired jam with wonky guitars and a vibe that says, “I’m done with this, take it or leave it”. Inder Paul Sandhu has an incredible, arresting voice and the imagination to turn that voice to a range of different styles so I’m sticking a pin in this one to see what happens next. Intriguing, to say the least.