Ollie Dixon – Here & Now 
Ollie Dixon - Here & Now

Release Date: Out Now

I’ve been wanting to get to know Ollie Dixon for a while now and as soon I press play on his latest EP, ‘Here & Now’, I immediately regret not doing so earlier. The Devon based singer-songwriter has a moody, dark presence that broods and sweeps like the landscapes that surround his home and it is, quite honestly, intoxicating. Opening with the title track ‘Here & Now’, Dixon blends the rumbling thunder of Brother & Bones with the understated charm of a Jamie Yost or Ben Howard to create a track that demands attention, demands action and demands a response from you. On ‘Anchors, Pt. 1’, the pace takes a drop to something a little more ambient with a Noah Gundersen meets Drakes Island which is blissful.

‘Where Do We Go’ starts off at a slower pace but then builds and swells like a storm approaching over the horizon with a scattered beat, sumptuously gravelly vocals and the kind of rippling guitar notes that make you want to just drift away on a strong tide. The EP closes out with ‘No Man Is An Island’, a track that speaks to a sense of loneliness and loss set to a soundtrack of wistful guitar notes and mournful strings rumbling in the background. This is a seriously accomplished EP with a gorgeously dark underbelly that keeps you coming back for more and I urge you not to leave as long as I did to discover Ollie Dixon.