The Jacques – I Never Want To Be Your
The Jacques
Boyfriend (Modern Sky Entertainment)

Release Date: Out Now

London outfit the Jacques continue to fuel the fire under their own arses with new single ‘I Never Want To Be Your Boyfriend’ and at this rate they’ll be setting a course for the moon before long. This is the band’s most immediate release to date but that doesn’t detract from the inventiveness and freshness on offer here. Itchy guitars and a punchy rhythm are soothed by lapping waves of melody and the clenched teeth, dreamlike vocals. Music like this exists somewhere between the waking world and that of dreams with echoes of Swim Deep and the Maccabees mingling with distant cries of seagulls and ice cream vans playing melodies that you can’t quite put your finger on. Sublimely woozy stuff.

Live Dates:

4th December – Supersonic, Paris
10th December – Dublin Castle, London