Saytr Play – Honest Man 
Saytr Play - Honest Man

Release Date: Out Now

If there’s a UK band currently embodying rock’n’roll more than Mancunian outfit Saytr Play then they haven’t got in touch with me yet and, frankly, it’s probably because they’re face down in a pool of their own vodka-soaked vomit. The quintet’s new single ‘Honest Man’ opens with a collective scream followed by the kind of clashing guitars and drums that you would expect from the Libertines but with a slicker, Sunset Strip delivery. There’s the potential here for Saytr Play to occupy the space left available for a British version of the Killers or Interpol but while that reputation grows there’s a lot of fun to be had so get out and catch a live show before the venues don’t have ceilings for the sweat to drip off.

Live Dates:

27th November – Chameleon Arts Café, Nottingham
28th November – Broadcast, Glasgow
29th November – Fairfield Social Club, Manchester
6th December – Uppermill Civic Hall, Saddleworth (SOLD OUT)