Lux Lyall – Gun Metal Horses 
Lux Lyall - Gun Metal Horses

Release Date: Out Now

Based in London but with Cypriot roots, the excellently named Lux Lyall exudes glamour, class and style from every pore which is something in short supply in the music industry at the moment. Lyall’s new single ‘Gun Metal Horses’ Luxurious strings stretch out like Marilyn Monroe waking up in silk sheets before a sultry beat and Lyall’s smoky vocals join in to make this both contemporary and timeless. There is a sadness inhabiting this song but also such opulence that you get the vibe of someone who has it all but would risk it all just to feel alive. Lux Lyall is a unique talent and an intriguing prospect but one that is both enchanting and bewitching.

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