Jake Morley – No Drama 
Jake Morley - No Drama

Release Date: Out Now

Jake Morley has a real knack for popping up with a perfectly crafted song at just the right time for me and new single ‘No Drama’ is no exception. This is the story of every new dad rushing through a vortex of anxiety, self-doubt and becoming hugely protective over this new life suddenly thrust into your arms, all set to gorgeously rippling acoustic guitar notes. Opening with the lyrics “No dramas but somebody put me in charge of a child though I can’t even take care of my sleepless mind”, Morley taps straight into that emotion of suddenly going from being a non-parent to parent. If you’re a new parent then maybe give this a year and then listen back and remember with fondness those sleepless nights but if you are sleep deprived and emotional right now then don’t listen to this alone – it might just tip you over the edge of a very high cliff. Beautiful as always but dangerously so, Mr Morley.

Live Dates:

15th November – Bert Church Theatre, Airdrie w/Braden Gates
16th November – Vermilion Folk Club, AB w/Braden Gates
17th November – Grande Prairie Live Theatre, AB w/Braden Gates
18th November – Heartwood Folk Club, Athabasca w/Braden Gates
25th January – St Mary’s, Purley-on-Thames