Those F***ing Snowflakes – Stop Being
Those F***ing Snowflakes
D***heads to Each Other

Release Date: Out now

Well, somebody had to say it and thank the lord for Blackpool trio Those F***king Snowflakes who said what we’ve all been thinking; ‘Stop Being D***heads to Each Other’. It’s a somewhat British take on the Bill & Ted ethos but the spirit is there and when they rip into their garage-punk with the line “There’s no black, there’s no white, there’s just people, there’s just people. There’s no gay, there’s no straight, there’s just people, there’s just people”. Unrelenting drums, fuzzed up guitars and a throbbing bass carry the message on with the energy of Reuben, the attitude of the Fall and the style of Young Knives and the band are done in under three minutes with a falsetto cry of “Dickheads” ringing out as the distortion collapses around us. This country is going to hell in a handbasket but let’s all go down together, eh? Like that scene in Toy Story 3 when they slide into the incinerator.

Live Dates:

20th December – The Spinning Top, Stockport
21st December – Bootleg Social, Blackpool
28th December – Bobbin, Lancaster
17th January – Salty Dog, Northwich

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