Lucie Hill – Precious Time 
Lucie Hill - Precious Time

Release Date: Out Now

In support of International Women’s Day 2019, HER PR launched a Mothers in Music campaign, offering a free press campaign for a single to the best tune presented by a music making mum. Cornwall based artist Lucie Hill was the inaugural winner and her new single, ‘Precious Time’, is perfect for the right here and right now. The sweeping, epic melodies skirt around the edge of Shoegaze but with a greater energy and purpose as the synths sweep and Hill’s vocal dreamily, almost effortlessly steals our attention. Jangly guitars and driving drums complete the package as Hill implores with us to put down our phones and reconnect with our significant others, the world and ourselves before it’s too late. There’s also a touching and lo-fi video to accompany the song that’s well worth a watch. Lucie Hill is a seriously impressive artist and one of the coolest musical mums around – massive respect.

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