Famous – I Want to Crawl Inside of You
Famous - I Want to Crawl Inside of You
(Untitled Records)

Release Date: Out Now

London nutjobs Famous are back with new single ‘I Want to Crawl Inside of You’ and it is as gloriously brilliant and unhinged as I had hoped. Using the much underrepresented fade-in, Famous set about a Hot-Chip inspired and synth-squelchingly gorgeous party that opens with the deadpan line, “Oh I’m bored, good God I’m heinously bored but all the bored children have found themselves a weekend to look forward to”. With all the style and substance of an LCD Soundsystem track but the energy of David Byrne at his slithering best, this is the kind of track that you need to get you psyched up for a big night out so get it in your playlist…..now. Go on, what are you waiting for.

Live Dates:

2nd October – YES Basement, Manchester
3rd October – Poetry Club, Glasgow
4th October – Margate, Elsewhere
6th October – SET @ Dalston Lane, London