Cherryade – Bang.Pop.Go Worldwide 
Cherryade - Bang.Pop.Go Worldwide

Release Date: Out Now

It’s always a good day when London’s enfants terrible of pop, Cherryade, pop up in your inbox so here I am to spread the joy with you, you lucky people. The duo’s new single, ‘Bang.Pop. Go Worldwide’, kicks off with some traditionally 80s electro-percussion and ‘whoops’ before Ella’s vocals kick in like Shampoo in a mash up with M and Lily Allen’s early material. There’s a moment when this dances a little too close to Aqua with the high pitched female vocals followed by some slightly sinister male vocals but Cherryade want to be bigger than Barbie so you have to look past that to what they’re trying to achieve and it is so fresh and fun that you can’t help but be swept up in it.