Tally Spear – Scatter Brain 
Tally Spear - Scatter Brain

Release Date: Out Now

I get to review around 10% of the music I get sent so it’s rare that I get to properly enjoy a song before moving on to the next one but this one really got under my skin. Tally Spear is a London based singer-songwriter and her new single, ‘Scatterbrain’, is an acoustic stomp that makes me want to dance around a large tent in a field somewhere in England. The thrum of the guitar is somewhere between KT Tunstall and Sound of the Sirens, the beat is driving, the vibe is skittish, and Spear’s lyrical style is akin Jake Morley but with a powerful, soulful vocal that grabs you by the short and curlies. This song is a funky, soulful, indie delight so do yourself a favour and get yourself some of this.