T. Thomason – Birdsong 
T. Thomason - Birdsong

Release Date: Out Now

There is quite some back story to this new single from Nova Scotian artist T. Thomason but let’s talk about the music first. ‘Birdsong’ is everything you want from an uplifting, empowering and freeing alt-pop anthem with undulating melodies, passionate vocals and a seriously impressive video. T. Thomason has the kind of voice that simultaneously hits every note bang on but also has signs and cracks of real life around the edges – incredible for one so young. That story I mentioned is one of T. Thomason relearning a singing voice, finding a true inner voice and going through testosterone hormone therapy and this song is the sound of his butterfly emerging from that chrysalis and who can deny the beauty in that. Immense bravery and even bigger talent.

Live Dates:

26th September – Album Release Party, Toronto
28th September – POP Montreal Festival, Montreal
3rd October – Album Release Party, Halifax