Penguin Café – Chapter (Erased Tapes) 
Penguin Cafe - Chapter

Release Date: Out Now

It’s not often that something comes along with such completeness, such beauty and endless possibilities but, then again, it’s not often that a musical outfit is passed down from father to son so maybe that has something to do with the uniqueness in this. Arthur Jeffes’ father created the Penguin Café Orchestra in the 1970s and now, with the Orchestra trimmed off, Penguin Café have a new album on the horizon but first we must feast upon the sumptuous smorgasbord that is new single ‘Chapter’. Now, I must urge you to watch the video for this one (and I mean properly watch it) when you listen to the music as the two go hand in hand perfectly. You see, as the image appears from the gloom and the tune clatters and scatters into life, we are off, hoisted above the streets of New York on a cable car and on the swelling strings of this tune. Gently played piano notes, the aforementioned strings and some entrancingly skittish percussion makes for a moody, undeniably cinematic and utterly glorious piece of, well, art. As you watch New York’s skyline unfold behind the cable car and the music takes you from uplifting euphoria to foreboding storms I would gladly bet that you’ll either be moved to tears or engrossed in a video that reveals small and seemingly new secrets with every watch. This is just an enormously beautiful thing to behold and I want you all to share in the beauty with me. Go on, you deserve it.

Live Dates:

20th September – Reeperbahn Festival 2019, Hamburg
28th September – Birmingham Town Hall, Birmingham
29th September – The Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh
30th September – Corn Exchange, Cambridge
1st October – De Montfort Hall, Leicester
2nd October – Queen Elizabeth Hall, London
3rd October – RNCM Theatre, Manchester
5th October – St George’s, Bristol
6th October – St David’s Hall, Cardiff
7th October – National Concert Hall, Dublin
13th October – Asagiri Jam 2019, Shizuoka
15th October – Kinema Club, Tokyo
18th January – Theatre de l’Octogone, Pully
19th January – Teatro Arriaga, Bilbao
21st January – Bogen F, Zurich

Watch the Video: